Lease Agreement

All our students whether renting one room, or as part of a group,  have their own Personal Individual (one page) Lease Agreement. This means that neither you, nor your Guarantors, are responsible for any additional costs if any of your colleagues leave for whatever reason. Beware of Group Leases offered by Agents, which mean you would be jointly responsible for paying the rent of anyone leaving.

Admin fee

A non refundable admin/reservation fee of £150.00 is payable in cash on the signing of the Lease Agreement, at which time the property will be withdrawn from viewing. In addition to securing your room, this payment also covers the cost of your Lease preparation, and Inventories undertaken at the outset and completion of your Lease period. Your first months rent (for July) is payable on 27th June under the established Standing Order. No deposit is charged nor any further monies payable.

Overseas Students

If an approved U.K. based Guarantor cannot be provided, alternative payment arrangements can be made. Call Phil Rye on 07801 942037 who can run through the options with you.