Details of current availability

Visit “Availability” page or check with Phil Rye on 07801 942037 email

Payment of bills

The normal joint responsibility for the payment of house utility bills for fast broadband, water, electricity and gas, gardener etc. which has caused problems in the past, and can lead to bad feeling in the house, has been replaced by a flat weekly payment towards all bills (which now includes the License fee for the house Sky TV provided) which are all paid by the Landlord.

Based on last years bills, the weekly charge for 2019/2020 will be £19.00 per student, which will be included in the monthly Standing Order payments.

If at the end of the Lease period there is any surplus, this will be repaid pro rata. If there is any shortfall this will be paid by the Landlord.

Property maintenance

All properties are privately managed by the Freeholder through our own Buildings Manager, Certified Electrician and Plumber.

Each house has a tenant elected or appointed as House Representative, who will liaise with our Manager Mr Phil Rye 24/7 on all matters reported to them.

Garden management

A gardener is employed to cut the grass. However it is the responsibility of the tenants to keep the house and garden neat and tidy and clear of any rubbish.